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Contao Free Themes Month - piyo medienagentur

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Next in our "Contao Free Themes Month" the piyo medienagentur provides a free theme. In a short interview the owner, Lars Tubies, talks about himself and his theme.

Hello Lars, could you please introduce yourself briefly!

Hello Fabian. With an experience of 14 years as a web designer I work reliably for agencies and clients directly. I design high quality, standard compliant web works and advise in search engine optimization. To round up my portfolio I offer my clients webhosting that is concerted to Contao. This is besides the integration of established open source content management systems. I developed the first client project with Contao (TYPOlight at that time) in 2007 and I haven't used anything else since then.

How did the free theme come into being?

I have to admit that I didn't work with the new theme manager until a few weeks ago. But when the "Contao Free Themes Month" was announced I worked my way into it very quickly. It was especially important to me to create a preferably "clean" theme so the possible deployments stay manifold. I successfully use the theme manager in a multidomain project and I don't want to miss the new feature anymore.

Is there anything else to say about your theme?

The menus are easily extendable, CSS3 is partly used but that should not lead to display problems even if there is no specific support for CSS3. Only 2 news templates were modified with "parseDate" to show the date correctly for the German market - this can easily be adjusted in the templates. The theme calls for nothing else and works without problems with the content of the Music Academy.

More information: theme demo site | piyo medienagentur partner profile

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