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Contao Free Themes Month - Theile Service

Screenshot theme Fireworks

The third theme in our "Contao Free Themes Month" is being provided by Theile Service - modern web design. Owner Jörg Theile has thereto answered me a few questions.

Hello Jörg, could you please introduce yourself briefly!

Hello Fabian. For more than 15 years I have being working for different corporate clients and partners in the IT-business. The center of my work is building websites with Contao on one side and photography on the other side.

How did the free theme come into being?

When I heard from this promotion, there happened to be a park feast in my area with a firwork. Because the core developers of Contao have also given us a "fireworks" with all the new and improved features I thought that this topic is just right.

Is there anything else to say about your theme?

Yes, for the fireworks theme it is allowed to remove the link in the footer. So everyone that is using the theme or wants to extend it can do this completely free.

More information: theme demo site | Theile Service partner profile

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