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Contao goes Cebit 2013

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CMS Garden

The big garden show of the open source content management systems at CeBIT 2013

A few weeks ago I received a call from Stephan Luckow of the Drupal-Initiative, whether "Contao" does not want to be on a joint stand at Cebit 2013 represented .......!

These are the moments where you think about it 2-3 seconds, how to get it organized, but in the end you just say simply "Yes".

What is planned?

A total of 10 open source CMSs are represented on a stand at the CeBIT 2013 in the Open Source World. Each CMS sends "ambassadors" representing its own stand and the respective CMS. The presentation is scheduled for the entire week Cebit, not only for the visitors days, also therefore when business visitors are present. The concept of CMS GARDEN @ CeBIT 2013 waived completely on service and presentation is instead the strengths and characteristics of CMSes in the foreground. Rounding out the event by a CMS Competition. Here the representatives of CMSes the same task is given that they will implement their specific way to an audience.

The 10 represented CMSes are: Composite, Contao, Drupal, Joomla, Modx, OpenCms, papaya CMS, Plone, and Typo3 Redaxo. More information can be found on the page

How is this funded?

To finance the cost of stand (about 65,000 - € - for all CMS together), For all other costs (catering, accommodation, etc.) an information book is placed. This information book (circulation 50,000 copies) contains an editorial component (presentation of all CMSes in German and English). Also a partner list for the respective participating CMS. There are also options to place an advertise on 1, 1/2 or 1/4 page. The printing costs for the information book (about 20.000, - €) are acquired by Microsoft Germany. For hardware support we are currently in talks with Fujitsu.

To come back to the initial question: Funding is provided by the respective community's agencies and partners of all CMS. By booking a display or a directory entry, get the unique opportunity to present themselves to a broad audience as a partner for the CMS Contao.

A corresponding shop for ads and directory entries can be reached here: – on the subdomain (Contao & Isotope ;-)).

What is next?

Unfortunately, "the shoe pinches." In the week between Christmas and New Year, the contracts need to be signed for the stand. Therefore, all participating CMS need to earned a total of at least 50,000 € have taken in order to proceed with the project until 12-24.. If alle CMS does not reach the sum, we will not realize the stand because the financial risk to achieve the sum alone, nobody want to be able to do it alone.

If the realization of the stand is not possible, the proceeded founds will be refunded.

If all goes well, we will start in January and make a detailed plan for the Cebit week beginning at 3. March. If so we need the support from all in the Contao Community.

As soon as we can pronounce news we'll inform you via the project site.

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