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Contao Manager 1.1.0 is available

by Andreas Schempp – Announcements

Contao Manager 1.1.0 is available. This minor release contains several new features.

System Recovery

Since its initial development, the goal of the Contao Manager always was to be a standalone tool. An application that will continue to run even if Contao is broken, and which allows to repair the system in such case. Finally, the System Recovery feature allows for exactly that. If the Manager detects a non-working Contao installation, it will automatically boot into System Recovery, which provides two repair options.

  1. The Automatic Repair will purge and rebuild the cache, and if that does not fix the problem also attempt to re-install all Composer packages.
  2. The Safe Mode allows to run the Contao Manager regardless of a working Contao. While certain features are disabled, it should be possible to manually repair an installation, for example by uninstalling a buggy package that appears to break the installation.

Advanced Installation Options

Changes necessary to reduce memory consumption and the Safe Mode enabled several new features for the installation process.

  • It is now possible to select whether to install a regular Contao setup, which includes the well-known News, Calendar and other Contao bundles, or to skip these and only install the minimal configuration (Core bundle).
  • On top of the two configuration options, it is also possible to bypass the initial installation. This expert option allows to add often used packages before the time consuming task of initially resolving dependencies.
  • If a composer.json is found in the root directory, the Safe Mode can be launched directly, bypassing the dependency installation process.

Improved Package Results

Integration with Algolia, our hosted package metadata and search engine, has been improved.

  • Package metadata and translations are now loaded for installed packages. This was previously only available for search results.
  • The package search is no longer limited to the first few results, a new Load Results button fetches more matches if the desired one is not found.
  • New support for private packages allows them to be listed in search results. They cannot (yet) be installed in the Contao Manager, but at least we now provide a way to discover them.
  • Incompatible packages are now clearly visible in the search results.

For more information on how to contribute to the package metadata or add your commercial packages, please read our introduction on GitHub.

Thanks to the automatic update feature, the Contao Manager will always update to the lastest version the next time it is used.

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