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Contao Two Month Review May and June 2020

by Blair Winans – Community

We are watching TV

A very good day to you. We welcome you to our new television program, and hope you get excellent reception.

The Contao family has grown under the name Contao TV and will help us to spread the good news of Contao all over the world.

Janosch and Joe Ray have developed the basic framework, with kind support from the Contao community and as part of the official events of the Contao Association.

We celebrated the premiere on Wednesday, 17 June 2020, at 15.00 sharp with the Contao Show. The hosts of the Contao Show are Christian and Dennis. They offer the audience a mix of current Contao news & practical knowledge about our favorite CMS and give a good overview of the Contao lifestyle. For them, Contao is a matter of the heart, because Contao gives them the opportunity to work freely and independently and to realize their ideas.

If you were not able to join the live stream on YouTube, the Contao Show is exclusively available to members of the Contao Academy and members of the Contao Association.

Besides the Contao Show, other formats are already being considered and planned:

First of all, the Contao Tech Talks where new features, ideas and possibilities of Contao will be presented regularly. In this format, the focus is on developer topics. It starts in July with a Tech Talk of the Contao core team about the current Contao version and the many new features it offers.

We'll also have Contao Online Colleges to impart knowledge and know-how. A number of online webinars are already planned. You will get more information about them on the [Contao project website] ( in the next few weeks.

We have also planned to support the Contao-Roundtables in the event that they are held online.

Your ideas for formats or topics can be sent to , and we look forward to hearing them.

So turn on the TV or start your computer, and enjoy Contao TV.

Past community events and Mumble calls

At the following community events and Mumble calls we have discussed and exchanged experiences about Contao. Have a look, there is always something to discover and learn!

Future community events and Mumble calls

  • 2020-07-02 Contao Mumble-Call
  • 2020-07-29 Docu Mumble-Call
  • 2020-07-30 Contao Mumble-Call
  • 2020-08-20 Contao-Roundtable Dresden
  • 2020-08-27 Contao Mumble-Call

A list of future events can be found on the project website.

Your event is missing on this list? We will gladly mention your date in the next review.

Dates to book

  • Unfortunately, the Contao conference in Leipzig has been cancelled.
  • Contao Agency Day is scheduled for March 2021.

Blog posts, YouTube channels and miscellaneous

You have written about Contao and want to share this page with us? Then give it to me.

Contao podcast



Contao Documentation

The Contao documentation continues to grow thanks to the help from the community:

The following new contributions have been added:

If you are still missing something, we would appreciate your contribution to the documentation - of course we would also appreciate minor spelling corrections and rewording.

Commercial extensions or products

You have written a paid extension for Contao or a product related to Contao and want to introduce it here? Your contribution is welcome if you meet the following requirements:

Newly released Contao versions

Editorial deadline for the next review is the 27 August 2020.

Best wishes


P.S. Happy Anniversary, Contao! On June 6, 2010, the first release candidate of version 2.9 was released. TYPOlight had to give way to the new name Contao. To the next 10 years of Contao!

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