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Cyril Ponce joins the TYPOlight team

by Leo Feyer – Current issues

Cyril Ponce has been a TYPOlight enthusiastic ever since - in fact, he was the third user who has ever registered at the project website, so he truly is a TYPOlight pioneer.

During the years, Cyril contributed a lot to the project. Besides translating the CMS into French, he launched "" in 2008, a platform for French-speaking users including full documentation, tutorial videos and a forum. He has also participated in the TYPOlight logo contest and made it to the final three.

We are happy to announce that Cyril has now joined the official TYPOlight team.

Read more about Cyril on the team page
Visit the French TYPOlight website

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Comment by Ben Robinson |

Congratulations on joining Team TYPOlight, Cyril!

Comment by tony |

Great to see a french user in the team ranks ! Félicitations !!!

Comment by bridal gowns |

you guys made great effort to newtime web-age

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