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Downloading Contao in 2017

by Leo Feyer – Current issues

Besides using the download button on, you have been able to download Contao via the domain since 2012. But now that we have two LTS versions in parallel, we had to adjust the download API.

What still works

The URL still returns the current Contao package in .tar.gz format and the URL returns the package in .zip format.

Also, you can still download a particular version as .zip or .tar.gz file by adding the version number to the URL:

What no longer works

The URL used to return the LTS version (Contao 3.5), however now that we have two LTS versions (Contao 3.5 and Contao 4.4), the URL is ambigous and has therefore been disabled.

What newly works

The URL automatically finds and returns the latest version of the 4.4 series. This feature is not limited to the LTS versions, but works for every minor version starting with Contao 2.11.

The end of the standard edition

The Contao standard edition was the predecessor of the Contao managed edition and it is an example of how to add Contao to a Symfony 3 application. Meanwhile both the download button on and the download via return the managed edition, which we recommend everbody to use – except if you are building a custom Symfony application.

Since Symfony Flex will render the editions concept redundant anyway, we will no longer develop the standard edition in the future.

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