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Extension repository launched

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

The TYPOlight extension repository has finally been launched today. The central server allows developers/translators to maintain extensions online and users to search, download and review them. Integration of the corresponding back end interface is scheduled for October, 2008.

What is the extension repository?

The extension repository is a powerful online interface that allows developers and translators to maintain TYPOlight extensions online. User who need a particular extension can browse the repository and download the modules they need. There will be a back end interface to the repository, so you can browse it from your back end and install, update or remove extensions at the push of a button (scheduled for October, 2008).

The extension repository has been developed by Peter Koch.

How do I use the repository?

Open the extension list page and search the existing extensions. Use the filter menu on the right hand side to narrow down the results. Open the details page of a particular extension to learn more about it or download it. There might be an online demo, a documentation page or even a forum thread where you can get help. If you like an extension, you are welcome to rate or review it, so other users know what you are thinking.

How do I add my extension to the repository?

If you are a developer and want to add your extensions to the repository, either sign up for a developer acount or - if you have an account already - write us an e-mail so we can upgrade it. You will then get access to a developer and a translator interface that allows you to maintain your extensions online.

We are currently setting up an instructions page to provide you with more information on the interface.

What about the extensions section at the wiki?

The wiki is deprecated and will be removed by the end of the year. You are free to move your extensions and/or documentation to the new wiki at However, you do not need to add your extension documentation there, since you can link to your own URL from the extension details page.

You should not use the old wiki anymore - neither to publish nor to document your extension!

Do I have to use the extension repository to publish my extension?

No, you do not. You can still publish ZIP archives that users can download and install manually. However, you should consider that extensions from the repository will be a lot more popular and used, because they can be installed and maintained at the push of a button in the back end (scheduled for October, 2008).

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