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New Live Update major release

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

The Contao Live Update has been revised and has reached version 2. The migration of the Live Update server is scheduled for the end of this week.

Stand-alone script

The new Live Update is a stand-alone script, detached from the Contao core, so it can be updated independent from the Contao release cycle. The update takes place automatically as soon as the script recognizes that there is a new version.

Upgrades and downgrades

The Live Update is no longer limited to the latest Contao version, but allows you to select any release since Contao 2.9.0 as target version. It is no longer necessary to back up the files before the update, because you can revert any update with a simple downgrade.

Database backups, however, are still obligatory!

Individual updates

The Live Update client integrates the Contao check technology and does no longer rely on standard update archives, but checks the missing and outdates files individually and then requests them from the Live Update server. You can therefore also clean up defective installations – even without changing the version!

Double check

After an update, the Live Update script rechecks whether all files exist and are up to date. This ensures that the Live Update has been successful. You do no longer need to manually check the installation with the Contao check after the update.


More information (in German) is available in a short screencast.

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