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TYPOlight 2.5.3 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight version 2.5.3 is available. The maintenance release includes fixes for two minor security issues that can neither seriously damage your installation nor allow hackers to retrieve your passwords. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you update your TYPOlight installation!

Google sitemaps and Google Analytics support

The new release allows you to add a Google Analytics ID to your page layout that will be automatically included in your front end page (it is required to adjust the template file). In addition, you can make TYPOlight create XML sitemaps that are stored in the root folder and can be read by Google. To enable this feature, open the site structure module, select a website root page and tick the respective checkbox.

Protected folders

The new release also includes a new icon in the file manager, that allows you to protect a folder. If you click it, a .htaccess file will be created in the corresponding folder denying all HTTP requests. You can still access the files via the TYPOlight download elements, though.

News and event titles in search results

If a page contains a news reader or event reader module, the page title is being replaced by the title of the news item or event. Thus, your news item titles and event titles show up in search results.

Persistant files in the root folder

The new release also allows you to save XML and CSS files persistantly in your root folder without being removed by TYPOlight. To enable this feature, open your system/dcaconfig.php and add:

$GLOBALS['TL_CONFIG']['rootFiles'][] = 'my.css';
$GLOBALS['TL_CONFIG']['rootFiles'][] = 'my.xml';

Files drop-down menu in TinyMCE

In addition to the page drop-down menu that is available in the TinyMCE hyperlink popup window, there is now another drop-down menu that allows you to link files from the tl_files directory.

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