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TYPOlight 2.5.5 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight version 2.5.5 is available. The maintenance release fixes several issues with the new sitemap feature and introduces a couple of new features like the FAQ extension.

Google sitemaps

The beta version of the Google sitemaps feature has been introduced in version 2.5.3. The code has now been rewritten and all the bugs have been fixed.

TinyMCE Code Snippets

TinyMCE now comes with the "template" plugin installed, so you can create HTML code snippets and insert them in TinyMCE. The code snippets are stored as HTML files in the files directory (files/tiny_templates) so you can edit them with the TYPOlight file manager.

TinyMCE has been updated to version 2.1.3, so clear the browser cache after the update!

Newsletter improvements

The newsletter extension has been highly improved. It now supports file attachments and allows you to split recipients to prevent the script from timing out. In addition, you can insert predefined template content using the new TinyMCE Code Snippets feature as described above.

FAQ extension

The new release introduces a new TYPOlight extension that you can use to manage frequently asked questions. You can group questions in categories and decide which categories will be displayed in the front end. Every FAQ will be indexed separately and show up as a single record in the search results.

YUI compressor

All JavaScripts (including) have been compressed with the new YUI compressor so they do not use eval() anymore. According to mootools, eval() can cause browsers to crash under certain conditions.

Missing version 2.5.4?

If you are wondering about version 2.5.4: the new "feed base URL" feature that has been introduced in version 2.5.4 to support correct feeds URLs in a multi-client environment had been breaking all existing news feeds. So, I had to fix it instantly and release another version.

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