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TYPOlight 2.5.9 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight version 2.5.9 is available. The maintenance release includes some powerful new features like back end group filters, CSV import for table and list elements, event images and enclosures, module protection, multilanguage meta.txt files and newsletter listing. It also fixes two issues with TinyMCE on Safari.

Event images and enclosures

You can now add images and enclosures to events.

Event list intervals

So far, event lists could only display a particular day, week, month or year. The new release extends these options by adding intervals like +1 week or +6 month, counting from the selected day.

Multiple enclosures

The news and calendar modules now support multiple enclosures instead of just one per item. The enclosures are also included in the RSS-feed (if enabled).


Import tables and lists from a CSV file

The new release allows you to import tables and lists from a CSV file. If you edit a list or table element, you will see a small wizard icon next to the field label. Click this icon and then select a CSV file from your upload directory. The CSV data will be imported and a new version of the content element will be created.

Custom dfGallery configuration

The dfGallery element now uses a layout template to generate the XML-file that initializes the it. Thus, you can customize it to fit your needs and even include external galleries from Flickr or Picasa.

Newsletter listing

The new release adds two front end modules to the newsletter extension, that allow you to list and display newsletters. They basically work like the news or FAQ list and reader modules. Single newsletters can be printed as PDF and have a permanent URL that is being indexed for searching.

Back end group filters

Thanks to Andreas Schempp, it is now possible to filter for multiple fields like group membership or newsletter subscriptions. In this context, all back end filters have been updated.

Module protection

So far, you could only protect content elements (show guests or a particular member group only). The same is now possible for modules. If you are a developer, simply add the respective fields to the palettes of your own modules to use the new functionality.

Multilanguage meta.txt files

The new release supports multilanguage meta.txt files like meta_en.txt or meta_de.txt (with en and de being the ISO code of the respective language). The original meta.txt file will be used as fallback.

New insert tags

There are three new insert tags (article_teaser, news_teaser and event_teaser) that allow you to include the teaser text of any article, news item or event.

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