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TYPOlight 2.6.1 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight version 2.6.1 is available. The minor release introduces a new content element named "article alias", which allows you to insert the content of an article into another one. In addition, the newsletter module has been overworked and now supports sending personalized e-mails to registered members. The new version also includes some important bug fixes (especially for the built-in search engine), so it is recommended to update.

Personalized newsletters

As from version 2.6.1, you will be able to send personalized newsletters to registered members. Due to data security regulations, storing more than the e-mail address when subscribing to a channel will still not be supported. To learn more about the new feature, read this announcement.

Fixed all template hooks

In version 2.6.0, the "parseTemplate" and "outputTemplate" hooks have been replaced with "parseBackendTemplate" and "parseFrontendTemplate". Unfortunately, quite a few modules were using the Template class directly, so the hooks have never been triggered. The new release fixes this issue.

Developer's note: the Template class will eventually be declared abstract in version 2.7, so make sure that you always use either new BackendTemplate() or new FrontendTemplate() instead of just new Template().

New hooks for Ajax actions

The new release includes two new hooks that allow you to register custom Ajax actions. Use "executePreActions" for requests without return value and "executePostActions" if there is a return value.

Find out what else has been done

You can check out all tickets belonging to the new version here.

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