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TYPOlight 2.6.2 is available

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TYPOlight version 2.6.2 is available. The minor release includes two new core extensions - the memberlist module and the extension repository client - and introduces a new article navigation module that allows you to navigate articles as if they were split into multiple pages. A couple of frequently requested features like moving news between archives or an option to define an individual date format per root page have also found their way into the new release.

Article navigation

The article navigation module adds a pagination menu that allows you to navigate the articles of a page.

More about the article navigation module

Date format per root page

The new release adds the option to overwrite the global date and time format in root pages, so you can define individual formats e.g. depending on the website's language.

Move news and events between archives

The main back end driver has been overworked, so news items and events can now be moved between archives or calendars. If you copy a record, TYPOlight does not just duplicate it under the same parent record anymore, but displays a paste button so you can move the new record outside the current archive.

Easily adjust labels

You probably know that you can store table configuration changes in system/dcaconfig.php so they will not be overwritten on updates. From version 2.6.2, you can do the exact same thing with labels (language files) and store your modifications permanently in system/langconfig.php.

New hook "addCustomRegexp"

The release includes a new hook that allows you to add custom regular expressions to widgets.

More about the new hook

Insert tag "image"

The new insert tag allows you to add resized images anywhere in TYPOlight.

More about the new insert tag

Template changes

The new release includes some template modifications that were announced in the forum. The most important change is the automatic insertion of the invisible copyright notice. Make sure to check your custom templates so the note does not show up twice.

More about the copyright insertion
Standardization of the breadcrumb module
Standardization of the pagination class

Find out what else has been done

You can check out all tickets belonging to the new version here.

Download this release from

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