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TYPOlight 2.6.4 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight version 2.6.4 is available. The maintenance release includes a few improvements of the permission system (regular users can now create news archives, calendars, forms etc.), a new TinyMCE plugin to insert lightbox images and some important bug fixes, thereunder a TinyMCE update to version that hopefully fixes the issue with the rich text editor not showing up occasionally.

Updating to version 2.6.4 requires to adjust the main front end template fe_page!

Permission system improvements

Until now, it was not possible that regular users can create new news archives, calendars, channels or forms, because the admin had to assign access permissions to either the user or a user group. From version 2.6.4, these settings are applied automatically to the profile of the user who creates the resource.

Insert lightbox images in TinyMCE

The new release adds a TinyMCE button that allows you to insert lightbox images directly in the rich text editor. The plugin works with the "image" insert tag to ensure that thumbnail images are being resized correctly.

TYPObox popup

News comments notification

From version 2.6.4, you can choose in the news archive settings whether to notify the author of a news item or the admin if there are new comments. Thus, managing news comments can be delegated.

New hooks "postUpload" and "reviseTables"

There are two new hooks that you can use in your custom modules.

More about the "postUpload" hook
More about the "reviseTable" hook

CSS classes for news and events

The new release supports CSS classes for news items and events.

Template changes

The new release includes some template modifications that were announced in the forum. A very important change fixes a severe IE6 issue (operation aborted) that you might have come across in connection with Flash movies.

Read the announcement

Find out what else has been done

You can check out all 40 tickets belonging to the new version here.

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