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TYPOlight 2.7.0 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight version 2.7.0 is available. The minor release includes a new 2-column back end layout, improved security functions, extended search engine optimization options, featured news, a book navigation module and many more. Furthermore, all plugins have been updated and all language files have been overworked. With more than 100 tickets, version 2.7 is one of the biggest releases ever.

Important live update notice

The update archive to update from version 2.6.7 to version 2.7.0 includes almost 900 files and with 3.6 MB, it is the biggest so far. Therefore, make sure to check your php.ini settings regarding script execution time and memory limit! A minimum memory_limit of 16M and a minimum max_execution_time of 30 seconds is recommended, although those values might vary depending on the server configuration.

Glossary extension

From version 2.7, the glossary extension is part of the official TYPOlight core distribution. It allows you to create different glossaries with terms and definitions. Just like news items, FAQs or events, definitions can contain an optional image and several downloads (enclosures).

TYPOlight templates

The list of TYPOlight templates has been extended by "Light Blue", "Rounded Boxes" and "Dark Dropdown". In addition, the existing templates have been radically overworked and now all include a fully preconfigured example website. If you have already bought an older version of a template in the iNet Robots online shop, you can request a free update via e-mail. Please make sure to include your order number.

Browse the template demo

Move elements via drag & drop

Although drag & drop is only a main objective of version 2.8, it is already possible to change the element order in "parent view" via drag & drop in version 2.7.0. That e.g. includes content elements, form fields, FAQs and CSS format definitions, which were previously moved via "cut" and "paste".

Send compressed JavaScript files

To further optimize the loading time of your website, version 2.7 offers an option to send big JavaScript and CSS files GZip-compressed. A compressed version of all scripts bigger than 4 KB (e.g. mootools.js) is already included in the core distribution.The feature requires mod_rewrite and is activated via .htaccess.

Template changes

Version 2.7 includes quite a few template modifications that were announced in the forum. Please read the post carefully, because the changes will affect most of the existing installations this time!

Read the announcement
Tool to check the version 2.7 requirements

Find out what has been done

Get an overview of all changes in the ticket system or the changelog. Please also note the announcements of version RC1 and RC2 as well as the video of the new 2-column back end layout.

Download the release from

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