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TYPOlight 2.8.0 is available


TYPOlight version 2.8.0 is available. The minor release includes over 150 new features such as improved tree navigation, quick publishing, extended "edit multiple" options, better interface for custom MooTools scripts, enhanced image options and improved user management.

New features

A description of the new features in version 2.8 is available in the following announcements:

Additional information for developers and administrators is available here:

How to update

If you do not use the Live Update Service, synchronize your existing installation or upload the files with an FTP client (see ). Then open the TYPOlight install tool and click the Run version 2.8 update button to apply the necessary data changes automatically. After that, update your tables as usual (do not remove extension tables if you plan to continue to use them).

Permission changes

Before version 2.8, protected elements which were not assigned to a member group have been visible for any authenticated member (allow all). This behaviour has been changed to deny all, matching the system-wide policy for non administrator users. The install tool automatically applies the new permissions to all pages, modules and elements, so there is no manual processing required.

If you want certain elements to be visible for any authenticated member, I recommend to create a member group called "registered members" and make it the default group for (newly) registered front end users.

Event lists and upcoming events

The two front end modules "event list" and "upcoming events" have been merged, so the upcoming events module does not exist in TYPOlight 2.8.0 anymore. The install tool automatically converts existing modules, so there is no manual processing required. Only if your style sheets contain references to "mod_upcoming_events", you have to manually add the class "mod_upcoming_events" to the event list.

event_default.tpl becomes event_full.tpl

The event reader template has been renamed from event_default to event_full (according to news_full). The install tool automatically updates existing modules, so there is no manual processing required. If you have created a customized version of the template, either switch back to the old template or rename your custom template file to event_full.tpl.

Navigation templates

If you have created custom navigation templates (nav_*.tpl), make sure to apply the following changes:

// Old
<?php if ($item['target']): ?> onclick="<?php echo $item['target']; ?>"<?php endif; ?>

// New
<?php echo $item['target']; ?>

Updated robots.txt

Since some files in the root folder have changed, you might want to adjust your robots.txt file.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /plugins/
Disallow: /system/
Disallow: /templates/
Disallow: /typolight/
Disallow: /CHANGELOG.txt
Disallow: /cron.php
Disallow: /flash.php
Disallow: /GPL.txt
Disallow: /INSTALL.txt
Disallow: /LGPL.txt

FancyUpload and .htaccess

If you have protected the TYPOlight back end with an .htaccess username and password, you will not be able to use FancyUpload to upload files to the server using the TYPOlight file manager unless you add an .htaccess file with the following code to your back end directory (/typolight):

<FilesMatch "upload\.php$">
Satisfy Any
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Find out what has been done

Get an overview of all changes in the ticket system or the changelog. More information for developers and administrators is available in the TYPOlight blog.

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