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Wanted: TYPOlight Case Studies

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Official Partners should submit their case studies today!

TYPOlight case study

Since the re-launch of the TYPOlight website in September of 2009, there is a new section for case studies. But for some reason, everyone's either being bashful about submitting their work or no one knows about that they can. I'll assume the latter, since it doesn't make sense to knowingly pass up this excellent marketing opportunity which is available to all TYPOlight Partners! There are currently only four website case studies listed in the English section and seven entries in the German section.

Case studies are an excellent way for the TYPOlight community to show what can (and has) been done with this CMS. It also brings exposure to the Partner who posted it, since each entry includes a link to their profile. Additionally, a case study is randomly loaded at the bottom of every page on the website.

Aside from viewing TYPOlight's feature set and online demo, I imagine that new visitor's to the site are highly interested in seeing what has actually been done with the system. So I urge each Partner to set aside some time to shamelessly plug the websites you've carefully crafted.

I can already hear the question: "But it's probably a difficult process to add a case study, right?" Au contraire mon frere! It's as simple as filling in a few fields and submitting a form. Here's a rundown on how it's done:

  1. Click the LOGIN link in the upper-left of the site. (If you're already logged in, it will say PROFILE instead.)
  2. Click the 'Manage case studies' link in the right column navigation.
  3. Click the 'Add a new case study' link in the body section.
  4. Add content for these fields:
    1. Title
    2. Website URL
    3. Language of the case study (English or German)
    4. Upload a new screenshot (jpg,gif,png,tif,tiff,bmp | up to 4MB | 800 x 800 pixels max)
    5. General description (An overview of the business, organization or entity.)
    6. What makes the website worth a case study? (Discuss the amazing things you did!)
    7. Which extensions did you use?
  5. Click 'Save' or 'Save and close' (You know the drill. Cool )

And that's it! Your TYPOlight handiwork is now published as a case study on the official website.

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Comment by Matthias Feist |

I'd like to publish some case studies, but since i'm not a partner (and i'm not going to pay for this kind of status) i'm not abled to publish my sites. As simple as that!

Comment by Ben Robinson |

Matthias - there are many resources where non-partners can post their TYPOlight websites. These include the Showroom section of the TYPOlight Community website, the TYPOlight Showcase website and TYPOlight Room. These are all excellent places to post your websites and view listings of sites other people have created, although they are not officially endorsed by TYPOlight.

Comment by Jimmy Rittenborg |

Hi Ben,

Great initiative, some good looking websites would definitely attract some attention, Im still not a partner and it says "You are not authorised to read this forum." when i try to reach the showroom over at the community :/

I would love to show you guys the website i did for the biggest discotheque and nightclub in Copenhagen -Denmark, running on TYPOlight and a new restaurant website i did which receives a Grade A (97 points) in YSlow and 95 points in Google Page Speed :P the way your new fireplace looks really great! -i didn't know you also did that kind of stuff :D

Comment by Ben Robinson |

Jimmy, the showcase section of the forum has been re-enabled. It was temporarily taken offline when the security issue was announced. You can post your nightclub site there now. Thanks for the compliments on my fireplace design, btw.

I just took my own advice and added 2 new website cases studies.

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