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Exciting times in the world of TYPOlight

I just got finished creating a new TYPOlight screencast and I'm having a difficult time managing all my excitement! At the risk of sounding like a cheese-ball, I think I'll call this "TYPOlight-citement". I've been involved with the system and community for almost two years now. While some exciting things have happened in my time here, we are on the cusp of the most activity I've ever seen!

Don't believe me? Well ... here are a few reasons I'm excited:

There are a lot of other things that have happened as well, such as the implementation of Trac for SVN, documentation and the wiki. While we were all discussing what the big re-launch of the site might entail, we had a light bulb moment. "We should be using TL to the fullest extent on its own site!"

The forum
It all made perfect sense to us after it was written down. Why would we use PunBB when Acenes has created an amazing forum and helpdesk system that are fully integrated into TYPOlight? I do feel a bit guilty for persuading Leo and Peter to do this, as I did not have a hand in any of the implementation (and we're all better off because I didn't). I've been tinkering around in the new forum It looks great and everything is working perfectly! Thanks to Peter and Leo for all your hard work on this!

The task manager
How many of you have used the Task manager in TYPOlight? Yeah ... the thing at the bottom left of the navigation just below Personal data. Well, I have only used it to try things out and see how it works. I think if I was involved with a site that had many site editors, I would certainly fit it into the workflow process. Anyways, back to my point. Leo and I were chatting and I pointed out something on the site that needed a minor change. As a reminder, I was going to shoot him an e-mail documenting the change. Then I had an idea: why don't I use the Task manager, in keeping with the concept of using TL to the fullest extent on its own site!

The screencast
I have to come clean and tell you all that I felt a lot of pressure behind creating this new screencast showing the system overview and highlights. It had to cover 18 points on a storyboard that Fabian put together (thanks for doing that, btw!) and still be only five minutes long. When I first started, the "overview" section was seven minutes long and I hadn't even gotten to the "highlights" section. I decided to re-work everything when I was about halfway through and was able to trim it down to 6:18. I learned a lot about title frames and the zooming function this time around. I even managed to get some audio footage of Murphy barking. (I'll send a beer to the first person to leave the exact time where this occurs in the screencast.) Also, I want to congratulate Fabian for creating an excellent parallel screencast in German. While I have no idea what he's saying, it is a riveting presentation nonetheless!

So what are the reasons for your TYPOlight-citement? What's your favorite part of everything that's been going on here lately? I'm excited about it all, myself. Now, if I can just get Leo to send me one of those cool shirts you were all wearing at the User's Meeting ... Cool

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Comment by Fabian Fauth |

Hey, I do feel this TYPOlight-citement as well! And I am very proud what we (okay mainly Leo and then Peter) have accomplished with the relaunch etc.

Putting the screencast together was especcially hard because I knew that you would do an excellent job with this and I wouldn't want mine to "stink" compared to yours. ;)

I really hope that this will bring another boost to the TL community so that we see more people contributing to documentation, extensions, screencasts and so on. I am really looking forward to the times ahead.

Cheers, Fabian

Comment by Fred Bliss |

I'm so busy with TYPOlight work I haven't even had time to let this all sink in, but by my estimation we're on the right path and soon TL will have more users than anyone can anticipate!

Comment by Logan |

This is exciting. I'm glad I got on on TYPOlight before all this development. I feel that I'm really part of something that could go big.

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