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Website relaunch 2009

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

The TYPOlight project website has been completely reworked. Besides the new Web 2.0 look, there have also been a lot of changes to content, e.g. the user's and developer's guide have been updated and are now integrated into the main website.

Central support page

The support section including the FAQs has been redone and now includes a central page that gives an overview of all support options. All relevant TYPOlight resources are available through this page.

Visit the new support page

TYPOlight fanpage logo

Due to the increasing demand, a fanpage logo for unofficial TYPOlight websites is now available. If the terms of use do not allow to use the official logo, you can use the fanpage logo instead. More information is available on the download page of the TYPOlight logo.

More about the fanpage logo

User's and developer's guide

The TYPOlight user's and developer's guide have been updated and the missing topics, especially regarding the Extension Repository, have been added. All the online documentation is now integrated into the main website and centrally available.

Read the user's guide
Read the developer's guide

Simplified registration

The different account types for developers, translators and partners have been replaced with a single contributor's account. An account for is required to access the Extension Repository or to become a core translator or TYPOlight partner.

Sign up for an acount


Thanks a lot to all helpers and testers who have been involved in the relaunch and thanks a lot to Nina Gerling, who spent several days checking all pages and proofreading all articles.

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