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Welcome to the team blog, a platform where the members of the TYPOlight team can publish interesting articles on TYPOlight, the community, PHP, HTML, CSS, fancy websites or the every-day madness of their work as web designers or programmers.

Opinions expressed through personal articles or public forum do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial office and should not be misunderstood as official statements. Official announcements will be published in the TYPOlight news feed as usual.

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Comment by pepe |

Hi friends...

don't know, if that's OK? I can write comments inside the TEAM-BLOG !

WOW!!! Am i a team-member now? GREAT!!! Hupdidupdi... i'm in my FIRST team :-)

But, by the way... today i have changed from good old phpwcms to the TYPOlight rocket.
And believe me, it was not an easy step for me after that many years!

But i think... it was the RIGHT step!

Many years ago, my mother said:
Son, you should always be on the winners side. So... here i am!

And now i will go and get my first TL test-site running on my localhost.
See you later!

PS: Hope my TL-book will arrive as soon as possible, to learn all the little tricks, you guys have hidden inside the code ;-)

kind regards

Comment by Ben |

Pepe - It's great to see you over here, old friend! Aren't you the reason I came over in the first place? I think you wrote a blog post about TL.

It's okay that you are writing here, as you're only leaving comments on the blog post above.

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