Contao team

The Contao project is organized into workgroups, which share the tasks with the Contao association. We are introducing these workgroups here. Along with the workgroups, there are hundreds of developers, translators, and other contributors who have made Contao what it is today.

Workgroup "core development"

The workgroup "core development" is responsible for developing Contao. It reviews tickets, pull requests, and develops solution approaches.

Leo Feyer


Martin Auswöger

RockSolid Themes

David Greminger

1up GmbH

Andreas Schempp

terminal42 gmbh

Jim Schmid

1up GmbH

Yanick Witschi

terminal42 gmbh

Workgroup "web"

The workgroup "web" is responsible for translating the Contao website.

Bjarke Ammann


Alex Martinez

mmq consulting

Blair Winans

Rhyme Digital

Franck Bersauter


International ambassadors

Our international ambassadors have tasked themselves with representing Contao in their own countries and in their own languages, which includes translating Contao documentation and/or supporting the local community. Additionally, many ambassadors create their own content, such as custom tutorials or blogs about their personal Contao experiences.

Alex Martinez


mmq consulting

Cyril Ponce


Kamil Kuzminski



Paolo Brunelli


Takahiro Kambe


Other tasks

Other tasks such as managing the community server, administrating the forums, or the organization of the Contao conference and Contao camp have been taken over by the Contao association. A current list of contributors of the Contao association is available on the association page.