Free as in free speech

Thanks to the LGPL license, Contao can be used free of charge for private and commercial projects. It is developed and maintained by a handful of open source enthusiasts and helping hands from the community who make it what it is today.

Since the first version in 2006, the demands on the organization and development of Contao have steadily increased. Today, open source software is developed professionally, and a project of this size can no longer be supported by the voluntary work of individuals alone. In addition to the costs for servers and cloud services, for the organization of offline and online events or, for example, our regular developer meetings, we will not be able to avoid financing our most active community members in the future.

Without its community, Contao would not be what it is today. If you create professional websites with Contao, we depend on your support. By investing in the project, you are securing its development for the future so that your company can continue to benefit from Contao.

We are delighted to have you with us. ❤️

How can I support Contao financially?

There are various ways to support Contao. Of course, you can also choose several options at the same time, for example you can be a partner and supporter at the same time if both options suit you.

Become a Contao Supporter

As a supporter, you support the project with a regular contribution from € 5 per month. Depending on the amount of your support, you will receive various benefits in return (e.g. listing on, from 100 € per month you can call yourself a sponsor.

You can register online as a supporter and receive a monthly or annual invoice.

Details & Registration

Present yourself as a Contao Partner

Registering as a Contao partner is perfect if you provide Contao services, be it extension­development, hosting or web design. By listing in this directory, you can show your customers that you are a Contao professional, as well as attract new customers if a partner is needed in your region.

Visit the partner portal

Digital donation

You can donate an amount quickly and easily on a one-off or regular basis via our online platforms. With this option, you will receive a receipt from the respective provider for your payment.

GitHub Sponsors or credit card / PayPal

Donate by invoice

Don't want a monthly subscription, but for example want to make a donation for every Contao website you create? We will be happy to issue you with an invoice for an amount of €50 or more.

Send an e-mail to

Actively shape Contao

Being a member of the Contao Association means being an active part of our community. As an active member, you get a democratic vote on how money is spent and which projects are funded. Active memberships are only available for individuals, not for companies.

Become an Association member

Promote your product

If you want to promote your product or service in the Contao community, we offer various advertising options, e.g. at events, in the extension list or in the community forum.

Advertisement in the extension list
Advertisement in the german community forum
Official events

Nothing for you?

If you haven't found anything suitable, but still want to support us, you are welcome to send us an e-mail. Perhaps you already have your own idea of how you would like to support Contao? We always available for questions in the public Slack channel too.

Send e-mail to

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of financial support?

With a financial participation you honor and support the further development of Contao. Financial investment in the project ensures that everyone involved stays involved for a long time to come and that you can continue to benefit from reliable maintenance, further development and predictable updates.

Where does the money go?

The contributions of the Contao Partner Program go directly to Leo Feyer, inventor of Contao and operator of All other contributions go to the Contao Association, a Swiss association with the purpose of promoting and financing the Contao ecosystem.

How are the contributions distributed?

The Contao Association has an annual budget plan which specifies what money is spent on what. This budget is usually proposed by the board and presented to the members for voting at the general assembly (AGM). The budget includes various infrastructure costs, the promotion of the Contao Manager, the documentation and, for example, the software tools for the Contao TV channel on YouTube.

The annual budget also includes financial recognition for members of the various Contao teams and other people in the community who invest several hours of their free time each week in Contao.

The Contao Association also acts as a legal representative and lender to various community projects. For a Contao conference, for example, up to €50,000 is required in advance before the corresponding amounts are recovered through ticket sales.

Do I have a say in this?

The Contao Association is a democratically organized association. As an active member, you have a voice in elections and votes and can also submit your own proposals. Of course, all opinions of the Contao community are welcome, without you having to pay to become a member! You can contact us at any time at .

Will I receive a donation receipt?

No, the Contao Association is not recognized as a non-profit organization for tax purposes. But as a supporter, for example, we will issue you with a proper invoice, which you can enter in your accounts.