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Contao Two Month Review January and February 2021

by Blair Winans – Community

Lots of new things in the new year and even more tried and tested things.

The Contao event team shortened the waiting time for the next real Roundtable with an online Roundtable. Just like in real life, you could sit down at different tables and have conversations or meet new people. The first online Roundtable was rounded off by a talk from Nicky about the configuration possibilities of TinyMCE. The online Roundtable was very entertaining and will hopefully be repeated in the near future.

Andy ignited a performance rocket with the release of Contao Manager version 1.4 thanks to the switch to Composer 2.0. Advantage: The updates are now ready much faster. Unfortunately, this can lead to a shortened coffee break.

Our core developers have again invested a lot of time in the further development of Contao and, in addition to monthly bug fixes, also released a new Contao version 4.11 in February. So if you want to have the new features and are not dependent on an Long-term support period like with 4.9, Contao 4.11 is highly recommended for your next project. Among other things, the new version of Contao supports PHP 8 and Symfony 5, XML sitemaps are now created dynamically and the customisation of the backend has been simplified.

But read or see for yourself.

Also, in December, the program directors of Contao TV, Janosch & Joe Ray, brought us the new and very exciting format Contao Meet the Community. If you want to see the faces and stories of the people who drive Contao with their tireless efforts, enjoy. Yanick, Fritz & Glen have already had the pleasure of sitting on Joe Ray's virtual couch and being pestered with questions. Meet the Community is now also available on the Contao podcast channel.

Furthermore, after a short winter break, Christian and Dennis released episode 8 of their Contao Show under the title Clash of Consent-Tools and like in the best times of Gottschalk (German radio and television host and entertainer), the airtime was overrun, but in this case this was due to the exciting content.

Past community events, Mumble calls and Contao TV

At the following community events and Mumble calls, we have discussed and exchanged experiences about Contao. Have a look, there is always something to discover and learn!

Upcoming Community Events, Mumble Calls and Contao TV

A list of future events can be found on the project website.

Is your event missing on this list? We will gladly mention your date in the next review.

Blog posts, YouTube channels and miscellaneous

Have you written about Contao and want to share this page with us? Then send it over to me.

Contao news


  • Niels has used the days to let us participate in his bundles: dark-mode-backend, timeline, scroll-to-error und inviewport.
  • Our MetaModels 2.2 for Contao 4.9 is now running on over 60 live websites. The MM team is working on getting the remaining features for MM 2.2 into the repositories - over 70% have already been achieved.
    There is still some work to be done and we have therefore launched an appeal to support our team or the work on MM 2.2. All conditions (including the financial ones) can be found in the Forum.
  • MCW has a new release 3.4.10 with fixes for the display of column headers and for saving file selections.
  • Isotope eCommerce, the free shop solution for Contao, is available in version 2.7.0.

Contao documentation

The Contao documentation continues to grow thanks to the help from the community:

The following contributions are new:

If you are still missing something, we would be happy about your contribution to the documentation - of course we would also appreciate minor spelling corrections and rewording.

Paid extensions or products

Have you written a paid extension for Contao or a product that is related to Contao and want to include it here? Your contribution is welcome if you meet the following requirements:

Newly released Contao versions

Download deadline for the next review is April 27, 2021.

Until then, may the beautiful spring weather give you energy and inspire you to new ideas.

Best regards


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