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TYPOlight goes Mootools

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

TYPOlight now includes another powerful Web 2.0 plugin called Mootools. Mootols is a JavaScript framework that has become famous for its accordion effect (see moo.fx) which is now integrated in TYPOlight Open Source CMS as new content element. In order to run the effect, you will have to include a small JavaScript template into your page layout that initializes mootools. There is a default JavaScript template called moo_default.tpl which helps you getting started. If you want to create your own templates, make sure that they start with moo_ and store them in the templates folder.

While setting up mootools to work with TYPOlight, I also came across a lightbox clone which is called slimbox. Slimbox is not only smaller and more stable than lightbox, it is also 100% mootools based. Thus, we could get rid of the heavy prototype/ JavaScript framework by exchanging the two scripts. Now TYPOlight pages load even faster and you do not have to wait for pages to be fully loaded anymore before you can use the image gallery. In addition, slimbox supports a lot more keys to navigate the gallery (e.g. left and right).

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