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Updates regarding Contao 3 and Slack

by Yanick Witschi – Current issues

On 31 May 2019 the LTS period of Contao 3.5 expired. In this article I'll summarize what exactly that means. We have also decided to open our Slack workspace to everyone as an alternative to IRC which is not widely used in business.

Contao 3

After the end of the LTS period of Contao 3.5 on 31 May 2019, there is no maintained Contao 3 version anymore. This means that even if a serious vulnerability becomes known, we will no longer provide updates for Contao 3. Bugfixes and patches for vulnerabilities as well as new features will only be released for Contao 4, so you should have switched to Contao 4 by now.

The extension repository and the live update will remain online until at least May 2022. However, no new extensions can be published in the extension repository. Only new versions for already existing extensions are accepted. In addition, the links to the extension management and the live update have been removed from the navigation on


For quite some time now we have a Slack workspace for Contao, which the core developers and the board members of the Contao Association use for collaboration. This workspace is now public and anyone can join it through this link.

The relevant channels for the English speaking community are the following:

  • #announcements: Default channel we only use for important announcements
  • #support_en: For everything you've always wanted to ask in English

All members are allowed to create additional channels to discuss a specific topic. So it is very likely that the list of channels will grow or change.

Don't ask to ask

Please note that all subscribers of a channel will receive a notification for every new message (can be configured individually). So don't write unnecessary phrases like "Can I ask a question?", but ask your questions directly. :)

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