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Below you will find a list of Contao partners, who can assist you in installing and using Contao.

Revolte Digital GmbH

CONCEPTION - WEBDESIGN - DEVELOPMENT - all from a single source

Interfaces are the crossroads of the digital world.
If these are correctly connected and function without congestion, your offers can be transported to your customers in an even more individual and targeted manner. With the so-called APIs (Application Programming Interface, which means something like application or program interface), databases or sales portals, for example, can be optimally linked with your media and information channels. This creates real competitive advantages for you as a customer.

The mobile world cannot be stopped.
With the smartphone or tablet, life and business firmly under control - that is the future. Improve business processes, address and inform customers more specifically - processes that can be optimized even more effectively with apps. Competent advice plays a key role in apps. Because we don't want to sell you a gimmick, we want to give you a modern marketing tool that works flawlessly.

They are light as a feather in the hand, they look elegant - mobile devices are just beautiful.
This feeling can quickly fade if the given content is not displayed in the desired quality. What is bearable for a private person is money that is given away in everyday business life. Because a customer who cannot understand your website on his smartphone will quickly find the distance. To prevent this from happening, we program mobile solutions for you that show your customers exactly what you intend to do without disruption.

Put your internet projects in our hands.
Or rather, on our server. This saves you time, money and nerves. We take over the entire hosting of your website: We provide you with high-performance web storage, let databases run synchronously and ensure smooth e-mail traffic with your customers and business partners. Everything together then means that you no longer have to worry about anything. Your website works, just like that - day and night.

Now you will be amazed!
With every software development we learn from you. Fortunately, the days of building software for years to provide customers with a solution that is complex, rigid and inflated are over. We develop software according to the build-measure-learn principle, which is subject to constant feedback from you. Short cycles in which the course is constantly realigned. A software development in customer dialogue that generates the greatest possible benefit for your company.

Do you still know the times of the 3-page homepage?
It contained some key information about the company - that was it. Nowadays, websites are multiple control centers that have to interact with different databases, systems and websites. Websites have grown up and therefore need to be developed competently. With us, web development always begins with pen and paper - completely out of date, but incredibly personal. This is the only way to create web applications that will later beat according to your rhythm.

CMS - content management system
We manage the content of your communication channels.
Editing images or rephrasing texts a thousand times, you no longer have to, because we do it for you. However, our services go a little deeper than the usual: "I'll upload an article". Because in the digital age, articles and images have to run synchronously with other campaigns, measures or web applications - this is the only way to reach your customers on several levels. We master this extremely complex content management.

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Revolte Digital GmbH
Waldenburger Str. 63a
09116 Chemnitz


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Web design


Daniel Weidner
T: +49 371 27805516

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