Contao partners

Below you will find a list of Contao partners, who can assist you in installing and using Contao.


ETES is a full-service IT consultant and provider. In addition to your web projects we can offer you standard software, network infrastructure and a range of cloud services.
We base all our services on Linux and other open source tools and frameworks.

As a Contao partner we mainly offer the following services:
- Concepts and advice
- Design for different platforms and audiences
- Implementation of designs (also from external sources) with the Contao standard CSS framework
- PHP development for Contao extensions, external integrations and complex setups
- Experience with large installations, online shops and MetaModels instances
- Redundant web and emails hosting in on-premise data centre
- All international and generic TLDs
- Individual cloud setups, virtual servers and SSL certificates
- Modern assets and javascript addons to your website
- Contao training courses on-site or in our conference area in Stuttgart
- Support for your social media strategy, social networks and chats
- Strategic marketing and online advertisement

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Talstraße 106
70188 Stuttgart


Web design
Web hosting


Christian Gleich
T: +49 711 4890830

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