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Contao 2.11.3 is available


Contao version 2.11.3 is available. The bugfix release improves the stability of version 2.11 and fixes a weakness when editing tasks in the task center.

Task center

When editing tasks in the task center, the permissions have not been checked sufficiently, so it was possible to edit tasks of other users. This weakness has now been fixed.


There is an improved version of the .htaccess.default file, which e.g. fixes the issue with corrupt downloads in IE6-8. The new code is taken from the HTML5 Boilerplate projekt. It is recommended to apply the changes to your .htaccess file.

Outline of other changes

  • The Stylect drop-down menus are now aligned correctly
  • The module wizard drop-down menus (page layout) are now duplicated correctly
  • The FAQ and comments module do not throw an error anymore when empty
  • The mediabox support for .mp4 files has been restored
  • Uploaded images are now resized correctly (maximum image dimensions)
  • The e-mail address from the root page is used as form sender address
  • The IDNA library (URLs with special characters) is now compatible with PHP 5.2
  • The extension manager does not skip modules anymore when handling runonce.php files

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