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Contao 3.2.beta2 is available

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Contao version 3.2.beta2 is available. Please do not use beta versions for productional websites! Download the release to check whether your website or custom extension needs adaptation.

Please also read the version 3.2.beta1 announcement to learn more about the new features.

Model registry

Tristan Lins has developed a model registry to further minimize the risk of data loss by accidentally creating two different models pointing to the same database record. The registry runs in the background and does not require to adjust your custom extensions.

It was a considerable amount of work and one of the biggest pull requests ever, so thank you very much, Tristan, for your time and good work!

Developer note: the model registry only supports the main database connection and does not work with a potentially existing second one. We are aware of this limitation ("known limitation").

Custom layout sections

The release introduces two new layout sections:

  • top: before the #wrapper element
  • bottom: after the #wrapper element

Also, from now on custom layout sections are no longer defined in the back end settings, but directly in the page layouts. Existing layouts are merged automatically during the version 3.2 update.

Recurring events

So far, a recurring event always showed the very first date in the details view, e.g. "December 6th, 1990", together with a "this event is repeated every year until 2020" notice. As of version 3.2, the event will show the next upcoming date instead, so e.g. "December 6th, 2013" if viewed today or "December 6th, 2014" if viewed on December 7th, 2013.

compileFormFields hook

The "compileFormFields" hook allows to modify the array of form fields when a form is rendered.

public function myCompileFormFields($arrFields, $intFormId, $objForm)
	// Alter the fields

	return $arrFields;

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