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Contao 3.5.0-RC1 is available

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Contao version 3.5.0-RC1 is available. Please do not use beta versions for productional websites! Download the release to check whether your website or custom extension needs adaptation.

Please also read the version 3.5.0-beta1 announcement to learn more about the new features.

PHP 5.4

The minimum PHP version required to run Contao has been raised to PHP 5.4. In this course, all templates have been adjusted to use short open tags (<?= $name ?> instead of <?php echo $name; ?>), which are available by default as of PHP 5.4.

Image meta data in themes

Theme exports now also contain the image meta data, which includes the name of the image, the image caption and the coordinates of the important part.

Select multiple checkboxes

You can now select multiple checkboxes at once in "edit multiple" mode by holding down the Shift key while clicking.

Windows compatibility

Contao now uses the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant when replacing file paths with the PHP function str_replace() to ensure maximum compatibility with Windows systems.

Database key length

It is now possible to specify the length of a database key:

'sql' => array
	'keys' => array
		'id' => 'primary',
		'path' => 'index(333)', // length limited to 333 characters

Initial versions

Contao now also shows initial versions in the "latest changes" section of the back end, which do not yet have an editing history.

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