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Contao 4.4.0 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 4.4.0 is available. The feature release contains more than 60 new features and numerous optimizations and bugfixes.

The most notable features are presented below. More information is available in the slides of the keynote of the Contao conference 2017.

Back end theme

The back end theme has been further overworked and modernized. Especially the available space and the scroll height of the mobile view could be improved.

Element preview

The height of the element preview in the parent view was greatly reduced to decrease the scroll height.

Version conflicts

If a user saves a record which is currently edited by another user, the other user will get a warning upon saving.

Image meta data

If an image is added to a record, Contao now always uses the image meta data from the file manager. If required, this data can be overwritten on a per element basis.

Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail on top of the main column now supports unlimited levels and shows the category and the title of each element.

Details view

The details view has been optimized in terms of readability and now shows the file paths in addition to their UUIDs.

Honeypot anti-spam

The CAPTCHA widget (security question) is now only shown if an invisible honeypot field has been filled in. Regular users can thus use forms without having to answer a security question.

Allowed member groups

Thanks to the new "allowed member groups" setting, regular users can now log in as a particular member in the front end (front end preview).

Import options

The CSV import is now also available for form field options (e.g. select menus).

DCA picker

In addition to pages and files, the DCA picker allows you to select arbitrary records such as news or events as link target.

Filter pages and articles

In addition to being searched, the tree view (e.g. site structure) can also be filtered in Contao 4.4.

Search files

Files and folders which are part of the database assisted file system can be searched in Contao 4.4.

Contao Manager

The release of Contao 4.4 also marks the begin of the public beta phase of the Contao Manager, which allows you to install and manage Contao 4 in your web browser.

More information about the Contao Manager and the installation of Contao 4.4 is available on the download page.

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