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Contao Two Month Review July and August 2019

by Blair Winans – Community

There are some exciting prospects ahead - and not just in retrospect.

July and August brought high summer temperatures in Europe. In the Contao-verse, it was also hot all over. The Contao core team of Leo, Martin, David, Andrew, Jim and Yanick have been fully engaged in the summer months with the latest and best Contao version 4.8, and they have delivered all their new and "not-always-been-there" features on time in mid-August. You will receive an overview of the new features in the blog post. So what is the core team doing after this milestone in Contao history? No, not relaxing on holiday in the South Seas. Instead, they will go straight on to the developers meeting to start working on 4.9. Thank you for your tireless dedication, and have fun in the seclusion!

After the developers meeting is the Contao conference. Markus and Stefan from the Contao Association have made a big effort in organizing the event and came out a veritable sea of "MORE": more sessions, more knowledge, more learning, more future, more Contao and thus certainly more contacts and more Fun! In his report, Thomas already gives you an outlook on what awaits you at the Contao conference.

The conference will take place this year from Thursday, October 10th through Friday, October 11th, 2019 in the boiling pot of Duisburg. Like the last few years, inquisitive participants will meet one day before, on Wednesday, October 9, 2018, to attend Contao College.

If you want a place with a "sea view" at the big Contao meeting, it's best to secure your ticket now. As a member of the Contao Association, you will also benefit from discounted tickets to the conference and colleges.

Contao goes Symfony

Andreas will present the Contao Manager in a session on Friday, September 27, 2019, at SymfonyLive Berlin 2019.

Past community events and mumble calls

At the following community events and mumble calls we discussed about Contao and exchanged experiences. Take a look, there is always something to discover and learn!

Future community events and mumble calls

A list of future events can be found on the project website.

Is your event is missing from this list? We would love to mention it in the next review.

Dates to Reserve

Blog Posts, YouTube Channels and Miscellaneous

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Contao podcast


  • Isotope eCommerce, the free shop solution for Contao, is available in versions 2.5.15 and 2.5.16.
  • From trilobit comes a new Zipuploads Bundle, which allows you to pack all the uploaded files of a form into a single ZIP.
  • Joe Ray has released the beta version of his completely redesigned Sticky Backend Footer.
  • David has released version 3.1.5 of his Leaflet Maps extension for Contao to incorporate Leaflet into an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.
  • MetaModels-News
    MM Core has fixed the creation of the indexing for the Contao search and sitemap (sitemap.xml) for multilingual sidebars. The file attribute was accelerated in the SQL calls. In the DCG there was an extensive list of fixes and adjustments in 2.1.4. In 2.1.5 multiple editing (edit/overrideAll) was fixed. At the end of July, the starting shot was given for MM 2.2. - Everyone who would like to contribute to the development is cordially invited.
    For three fundraising projects descriptive texts have been created so that one can better understand the work and mode of action as well as configure the extensions. These are Parent Filter, XLIFF Ex-Import and File Metadata Extractor; the conditions of use for the "early adopters" are stated in the documentary.
    At the end of October / beginning of November another full-day workshop for MM beginners and "half-knowledgeable people" will take place in Berlin.
    More news about MetaModels can be found on the project website.
  • Isotope eCommerce, the extension that makes your Contao installation into an eCommerce shop, has been released with some new features in version 2.6.0 and a bugfix 2.6.1 has been added.
  • Kamil and Yanick have released a new version of easy_themes, which restores compatibility with Contao 4.8.
  • If you have not noticed yet; Yanick has released the ajaxform extension in a new version.
  • Matthias has released the new Minor-Release 6.2 of con4gis. The focus this time was on supporting the new Contao 4.8 release, stability and bug fixes. The building blocks Core, Maps, Routing, Projects, Editor, Forum and PWA were further developed.
    With version 1.5 of the PWA Bundle you can now send push messages for events and news. The PWA Bundle can be used in any current Contao application.
    In addition, a first con4gis IO bundle was published. IOTravelCosts is a travel cost calculator that can be used for taxi companies, for example. We introduce con4gis IO to the Contao conference in October. If you want to know more, you can take a look at the current status: More about this in the next few weeks.

Paid extensions or products

Have you written a paid extension for Contao or a product related to Contao and would like to present it? We would like to receive your contribution if you fulfill the following requirements:

Newly released Contao versions

The deadline for the next review is October 27, 2019.

We hope to meet many Contao fans in Duisburg, so that the Contao pot continues to cook. The ingredients are the finest. And what is on it, is also in it!

Kind regards

Rebecca & Bjarke

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