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Contao Two Month Review May and June 2019

by Blair Winans – Community

Over the last week of June, the thermometers were reading high all over Europe. Meteorologists nationwide agreed that the heat could break records. The same could be said for Contao in the month of May, with Contao Camp 2019 on May 18 and 19 in Munich. This year's get-together set sail on board the "Old Utting", a 40 meter long and 7.5 meter wide former steamer with its own pirate bay, and really set this year's camp in motion.

With over 70 participants, the demanding sessions took place in the rooms of the Munich Aids-Hilfe. As always, the times between the sessions were important, as many ideas and fun times were shared. The camp was a great success again this year and everyone definitely realized the value of the sessions. Many thanks to the sponsors as well as the organizers: Hella Schuster, Andreas Fieger, Joachim Scholtysik and the members of the Munich Contao Board.

Ingolf wrote a detailed summary of the sessions and also wrote down his personal experiences from the camp.

Hannes vom Forenteam looks back on the last 10 years with the anniversary of the Contao Community. A big thank you to all moderators for making our forum a pleasant platform in the Contao universe, and one which keeps us coming back.

On Thursday, April 12, 2012, Fritz aka Spooky registered in the Contao Forum. 2590 days (15.05.2019) and many posts later, Fritz, our walking Contao lexicon, reached his 20,000th post. Congratulations and thank you!

Thanks to the initiative of Markus & Simon, Contao now has a podcast which will be published every 14 days. Enjoy listening!

Past community events and mumble calls

At the following community events and mumble calls we discussed about Contao and exchanged our thoughts and experiences. Take a look, as there is always something to discover and learn!

Future community events and mumble calls

A list of future events can be found on the project website.

Is your event is missing from this list? We would like to mention it in the next update.

Save the date

Blog Posts, YouTube Channels and Miscellaneous

  • Patrick describes in his blog how to create a custom route in Contao 4.
  • Benedict looks back in a personal review on the Contao Camp in Munich.
  • Thomas and Simon are warming up the subject of Pricing - Appreciation instead of Expense Estimation from the Contao Camp in Munich and are organizing an exchange with tricksiebzehn in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
  • Christian ponders the future of content management systems in his blog.
  • Christian surprised us with a Contao song at the Contao Conference 2017 in Potsdam. The various tracks can be downloaded in his GitLab repository, so you can expand on the song or add another instrument.
  • Andreas has created so that we can search for the appropriate extensions for Contao in advance of a project.
  • The developers of the LUPCOM media GmbH not only camp, but also write about it.
  • Christian shows in his blog how to customize the comment template in Contao 4.

Did you write about Contao and would like to share it with us? Then let us know here.

Contao News

Contao Podcast


  • Isotope eCommerce, the free eCommerce solution for Contao, is available in version 2.5.13 or 2.5.14.
  • Yanick has released a new extension called Node, which gives you the ability to centrally manage, structure, and tag content elements in Contao. Then they can be output via a Content Element, or via a module type called Nodes.
  • Matthias has released a new minor release of #con4gis. With the 6.1 many new features come again. For example. You can now integrate georeferenced images (historical maps, terrain, building plans, ...) into your maps.
  • MetaModels discussed some basic things in an initial 3.0 release, such as the switch from DB-based to YML / XML-based configuration, UUIDs, Symfony forms, and more - more in the May news. In addition to the usual small bug fixes, a new extension was introduced in May. This allows metadata such as Exif, IPTC, etc. to be read from files and passed to MM attributes for storage. These attributes can then be searched and filtered. Applications are media databases or author and keyword search in PDFs. A full-day workshop on MetaModels is planned for 16 August in Berlin - more on that in the next MM news from June .
  • One of the most famous CCA tools, the DC_General, was presented in Munich at the camp with a session by Sven Baumann. Meanwhile, there is another CCA tool, the Contao Polyfill Bundle. This tool works with more recent versions of Contao 4 and are available for the current LTS 4.4 such as "Tagged hooks" and "Assets".

Paid extensions or products

Have you written a paid extension for Contao or a product related to Contao and would like to publicize it? We would like to help if you fulfill the following requirements:

Dennis has recently released a paid e-book on SASS. On almost 40 pages he talks about the most important functions of SASS. He shows how to use SASS in Contao and what dangers lurk and how to avoid them.

Newly released Contao versions

It will be hot in the coming autumn, because we’ve got a lot cooking! Save the date for the Contao Conference 2019 in Duisburg on October 10 & 11. We are looking forward to talking shop, exchanging ideas, and chilling out.

The deadline for the next update is August 27, 2019.

Best regards

Bjarke & Rebecca

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