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Git branch strategy

by Leo Feyer – Current issues

In the work group core meeting yesterday, we have (among others) decided to modify our git branch strategy. So if you are working with the Contao GitHub repository, make sure to read this.

Branching model

Our improved branch stategy basically follows Vincent Driessen's branching model, except we have a third infinite branch in addition to "master" and "develop", which tracks the Contao long term support releases and is therefore called "lts".

  • master: production-ready state
  • develop: latest development changes
  • lts: long term support releases, also production-ready

Besides these infinite branches, we have decided to create feature branches for any change that requires more than one commit, so those changes can be tracked and reverted easily.

Changes to the GitHub repository

Adopting the branching model also means that we have to rename the existing branches of the Contao GitHub repository. The "master" branch will be renamed to "develop" and the "2.11.x" branch will be renamed to "master" and copied to "lts".

If your installation is based on the GitHub repository – most likely the "2.11.x" branch – this means that you have to adjust your local repository accordingly.

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