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New Contao Check with extended functionality

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

The Contao Check has been overworked and extended with some new features like a web installer and the Live Update check. Also, the project is now available on GitHub.


The new Contao Check has two main sections: requirements and installation.

In the "requirements" section, you can check whether your server meets the system requirements. In the "installation" section, you can validate an existing installation and – depending on your server configuration – download and extract a fresh installation automatically.

Live Update Service

The new Live Update Service currently causes troubles with some hosting providers due to the new Phar technology being used. The Contao Check tests your server for every known issue and refers you to the web for further information.

Safe Mode Hack

Unfortunately, PHP does not always have permission to write files and folders. Many server configurations require to use the Contao Safe Mode Hack so files can be created or manipulated. Whether your system is one of those, you can find out with the Contao Check.

If possible, you should avoid using the Safe Mode Hack and adjust your PHP configuration instead.

Web installer

If the PHP process is allowed to access the command line on your server or if the PHP extensions "cURL" and "Zip" are available and PHP has file write permissions, the Contao Check can automatically download and install the latest Contao version.

In case the automatic installation is not possible, the installer gives a short overview of the necessary steps to install Contao manually.

GitHub project

The new Contao Check is available on GitHub at

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