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TYPOlight 2.8.1 is available


TYPOlight version 2.8.1 is available. The maintenance release includes some important fixes for the new comments module (access control and BBCode parser), the improved calendar and event list navigation and the file manager (FancyUpload and thumbnail generation).

Improved group management

The new "override all" feature is a great tool to apply a new value to multiple records at once. However, when it comes to assigning users/members to groups, you often want to add or remove a particular group without changing or overriding the existing settings. That is now possible in version 2.8.1.

Improved group management

Important bug fixes

The following important issues have been fixed (for a complete list, please refer to the ticket system):

  • There was no access control in the new comments module (back end).
  • There have been several issues with the BBCode parser.
  • Upcoming events and the calendar could not be displayed on the same page.
  • The Date library did no longer support dates prior to January 1st, 1970.
  • FancyUpload did not work in the popup file manager.
  • Using a maximum front end width could result in wrong thumbnail sizes.

Developers please note that there is no $dc->activeRecord in the onsubmit_callback in "override multiple" mode. Make sure to check this precondition in your scripts!

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