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TYPOlight becomes Contao

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Since the name TYPOlight has repeatedly led to misunderstandings and false assumptions regarding the system's potential and range of functions, the TYPOlight project has changed its name to Contao Open Source CMS. Everything else remains the same.

Meaning of the name Contao

Contao actually has a meaning and is not a pure fantasy name. The Vietnamese word "tạo" means "to form", "to create", "to shape". The term "con tạo" means "fate", "the creator". The "con" in Contao may also be interpreted as an abbreviation for "Content", so the name is ideal for a system that creates content.

Reasons for the name change

Already in the first press reports, TYPOlight was incorrectly referred to as the "little brother" of existing blog or CM systems. It still takes quite some effort to rectify this misconception. Nevertheless, as much as this has stuck to TYPOlight in the past, it has never been reason enough to seriously consider a name change.

A very different trend however has now led to this descision: The "light" in TYPOlight is increasingly misinterpreted as a "stripped-down system", "low-performance application" and "CMS for beginners". Some reviewers even wrote "suitable up to a maximum of 20 pages", which of course has nothing to do with the facts and was refuted in practice already. TYPOlight is a modern, comprehensive and powerful CMS that is suitable for both small and large websites. There is absolutely no reason why the system should not be used in the enterprise sector, which several companies have already done successfully.

To finally get rid of this prejudice and of course to account for the rapid development and growing professionalization in the past years, the project will be called Contao Open Source CMS in the future.

Date of change

The new name takes effect with the publication of the first release candidate of version 2.9 (2.9.RC1), which is scheduled for the beginning of June 2010. As part of the name change, the domain of the project website changes to

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