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What you can and cannot do with the TYPOlight logo

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Recently there have been some misunderstandings about what can and cannot be done with the TYPOlight logo. In this article I therefore explain by means of different examples what you are allowed to do with the logo and what you must not use it for.

General rule

You are allowed to use the logo to present, test, review or promote TYPOlight as a product. However, you are not allowed to use it for your own TYPOlight related products and services, because it would give the false impression that they were part of the official TYPOlight project.

You are never allowed to modify the logo in terms of color or graphics. There are four different versions of the logo, two in orange and two in grey, each with the logotype below or on the right hand side of the symbol. In addition, there is the official partner and community logo. You must not create further variations or modify an existing version in terms of color or graphics. Of course, resizing the logo is permitted.

Powered by TYPOlight

If you have created a website with TYPOlight and want to point out which content management system you are using, you are allowed to apply the logo to your site. You are presenting TYPOlight as a product in this case and by adding the "powered by TYPOlight" link you are also supporting the project.

TYPOlight is being reviewed in a blog

In this case you are also allowed to use the logo, because you are testing and reviewing TYPOlight as a product. It does not matter whether the article is published in a personal blog or a professional journal or whether it is positive or negative, as long as it includes a link or reference to the project.

Agencies offer their clients TYPOlight

Of course, you are allowed to use the logo in this case, because TYPOlight is being presented as a product. A lot of agencies promote the content management systems and eCommerce applications they are using to built websites for their clients and include the logos for this purpose.

A custom TYPOlight extension is released

In this case you have to distinguish between the presentation of TYPOlight itself and the custom extension. You are allowed to use to logo to present TYPOlight as a product, meaning the platform your custom extension is built upon. However, you must never use the logo for your own extensions, because it would give the false impression that they were part of the official TYPOlight project.

A TYPOlight related webservice is established

Also in this case, you are only allowed to use the logo to present TYPOlight as the product the service relates to. You must not use the logo for the webservice itself (e.g. as forum logo), because it would give the false impression that it was an official service of the TYPOlight project.

Bottom line

A good example to understand the concept is a comparison with Coca Cola. You can use the name to write about, to promote or to sell the drink, but of course you are not allowed to create your own soft drink and name it Coca Cola. The same goes for most of the other names, logotypes and logos, including the TYPOlight logo.

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Comment by Marcin Lachowski |

Hi Leo,

As you probably know I provide polish support site of TYPOlight ( And now I little confusion about paragraph "A TYPOlight related webservice...". The true is - my service is not a part of official project but this site is ONLY about TYPOlight and it is not and never be commericial site. So my question is: should I change header on my page?

Best regards

Comment by Leo Feyer |

Hi Marcin,

running a foreign TYPOlight project website is a very exceptional case. It is true that you are generally not allowed to use the official logo, because the website is not part of the official project. However, we are working on a solution for this type of website and until we have come up with it, you do not need to change anything.

This is really the exception from the rule, so please bear with me on this one :)


Comment by Marcin Lachowski |

Hi Leo,

Thank's for explanation. And when you come up with solution for website like mine I'll adjust my website to your rules. Thank's a lot for now.


Comment by Leo Feyer |

Hi Marcin,

we have now created a special logo for foreign project websites. I will send it to you via e-mail. If anyone else is planning to set up a foreign project page and needs a localized logo, please contact me.


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