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Contao 3.0.RC2 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 3.0.RC2 is available. The second release candidate includes several stability improvements for the database-assisted file system and the version 3 update as well as a long list of bug fixes.

What about the final release?

Shouldn't Contao 3.0.0 final be released by the end of September 2012?

Yes, it should. And I usually make sure that we adhere to deadlines. However, given the huge number of bug fixes and changes since the first release candidate, we all felt more comfortably with the thought of having a second release candidate before the final release.

Especially the new database-assisted file system and the version 3 update, which is part of the install tool, should be bug-free in the final release. Both were not in the RC1 release.

We therefore postpone the final release until October, 2012.

Exclude folders from synchronisation

The new database-assisted file system synchronises the files in the upload folder with the database. We have now added a field in the back end settings to exclude certain folders from being synchronised, e.g. useful for the "attachments" folder of the helpdesk extension. Those excluded folders will also no longer show up in the TinyMCE file picker, making the drop-down menu a little shorter. (A way better solution is already planned.)

Insert tags can now add CSS and JavaScript

You might have had the problem that articles and modules added via insert tag were not able to add style sheets or JavaScripts to the page header in the past. This issue has now been solved by adding the header scripts only after the insert tags have been replaced.

New CSS gradient syntax

The final draft for the CSS gradient syntax includes some fundamental differences to the vendor-prefixed versions we were using so far. Instead of defining the start point of the gradient (e.g. "top"), you now have to define the grandient direction (e.g. "to bottom"). And "0deg" is no longer pointing east, but north.

The good news is, that Contao will adjust existing gradient angles (in the style sheet editor) during the version 3 update automatically and the style sheet generator will automatically convert the new syntax to the legacy syntax for the vendor-prefixed commands.

All you have to do is to be aware of using the new CSS gradient syntax in Contao 3.

Core translations on

As of Contao 3, core translations will be managed on and shipped with the core distribution. More information is available in a separate announcement.

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