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Contao 3.1.0 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 3.1.0 is available. According to the new time-based release schedule, the first minor update of Contao 3 has been published today. 217 tickets and pull requests have been completed during the four months development phase and the following two months testing phase.

Overview of the changes

The new features in Contao 3.1 have been described in the previous announcements of the beta and RC ver­sions. If you have not followed the development process, it is recommended that you read them.

Pay attention to …

As usual, the Contao install tool or the Live Update take care of updating the database. However, there is one thing which you have to change manually: if your website uses sortable tables, you have to add the moo_tablesort or j_tablesort template in the page layout, so the JavaScript sorting continues to work.

Purge old resources

Purging deprecated resources is optional when upgrading from Contao 3.0 to Contao 3.1. However, since the language files have changed (.xlf instead of .php) and the templates have been moved to sub-folders, removing the old resources can free quite a few disk space. The Live Update therefore purges deprecated resources automatically.

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