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Contao 4.2.0 is available

by Leo Feyer – Announcements

Contao version 4.2.0 is available. The feature release includes a tree view filter, a file search, content elements for YouTube and Vimeo videos and improved insert tag and sub-palette support. Also, the back end theme has been modernized.

Back end theme

The back end theme has been reworked and the design has been modernized. Additionally, all icons have been replaced with SVG icons, which render a lot better on high-resolution monitors.

Tree view filter

The tree view filter allows to filter records within a tree structure such as the site structure or the file manager.

File search

The file manager and the file picker can now be searched.

Important part

If an image has an important part set, a second preview image is shown in the file manager.

Save and edit

The "save and edit" button is now permanently available and not only if a new record is created.

Image size access

Access to image sizes can now be limited in the user settings, so not all users have access to all image sizes.

YouTube and Vimeo

The "YouTube" and "Vimeo" content elements are now embed via iframe to guarantee maximum browser compatibility. The "Vimeo" content element has been added in Contao 4.2.

Recursive insert tags

Insert tags are now replaced recursively instead of only up to the second level, which ensures that even nested insert tags are reliably replaced.

Update notes

When updating an existing Contao 4.1 installation, you also have to update the files of the standard edition; in particular, the DoctrineCacheBundle and the KnpTimeBundle have to be added in the AppKernel.

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