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Contao Two Month Review July and August 2021

by Blair Winans – Community

In August we welcomed a new Contao version.

To celebrate the arrival of Contao 4.12, an online session was hosted the day before the release. After a short welcome by Joachim, president of the Contao Association, Andy, core developer, gave a live insight into the new features of Contao and answered questions from the participants. Afterwards, various tables were available in the virtual room to exchange ideas on various topics. The time passed very quickly and the participants could hardly wait for the release of the new version.

In August, three security holes were closed and Contao became even more secure.

Past community events, Mumble calls and Contao TV

At the following community events and Mumble calls, we have discussed and exchanged experiences about Contao. Have a look, there is always something to discover and learn!

Upcoming Community Events, Mumble Calls and Contao TV

A list of future events can be found on the project website.

Is your event missing on this list? We will gladly mention your date in the next review.

Blog posts, YouTube channels and miscellaneous

Have you written about Contao and want to share this page with us? Then send it over to me.

Contao news


  • Isotope eCommerce, the free shop solution for Contao, is available in version 2.7.3.
  • Martin, in collaboration with Yanick from terminal42, has released a new version 2.1.0 of the RockSolid Frontend Helper. Now single elements are reloaded instead of the whole page. Furthermore, there is an edit mask in the sidebar and, last but not least, content elements can now be moved via drag & drop.
  • Kamil and Yanick have made version 1.5.0 of the extension URL Redirect available to everyone. QR codes can now be created directly from the backend.
  • In MM 2.2 there were major changes to the settings for the list output (CE/FE module MM list). The pagination has an individual prefix that prevents "crosstalk" between several paginations. In addition, an individual template can be selected for pagination. For sorting and pagination, it is now possible to select whether the values are transferred via slug and/or GET parameters and the keys can be individualised. Also new is a parameter list in the settings. Via a MCW, own "Key-Value-Pairs" can be created, which are available in the template via "$this->wizardParams" as an array. This allows you to further generalise a list template and control it via the backend, e.g. with labels, translations or parameters for the output or JavaScript content. Screenshots can be found on the MM-2.2 feature page.

Contao documentation

If you are still missing something, we would be happy for your contribution to the documentation - of course we would also appreciate any minor spelling corrections and rewording.

Paid extensions or products

Have you written a paid extension for Contao or a product that is related to Contao and want to include it here? Your contribution is welcome if you meet the following requirements:

Security advisories

Newly released Contao versions

Editorial deadline for the next review is October 27, 2021.

Good luck updating your systems, and have fun with our new arrival.

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